Thriver Testimonials

I feel so much better...

Dennis and his team did an amazing job of addressing the arm mobility complications that arose 

Mark Carter

HOPE Life is a special place...

Dennis and his team did an amazing job of addressing the arm mobility complications that arose from the removal of a tumor and the reconstruction in my right breast.

Initially, I could barely raise my right arm above my shoulder. By the time I was discharged, I had full movement and a heart full of gratitude toward them for the kindness they showed me as I faced breast cancer and all of its complications.

Without a doubt Dennis and his team are highly skilled and experienced PTs. They invite your questions and are willing to do whatever is needed to get you the best advice and guidance as they address your PT needs. However, what makes HOPE Life exceptional is that they really do care about their patients. By this I mean they were engaged and willing to grieve and celebrate with me as I walked the unfamiliar path of multiple surgeries, chemo, hair loss and the many stresses breast cancer placed on my family.

Dennis was exceptionally kind and willing to share insight and encouragement as the spouse of a breast cancer survivor. Lori was respectful and always listening and responding to my concerns. She educated me as she treated me and always finished a session with a word of encouragement. The whole staff has a special extra measure of love for their patients that heals not just the body but also the soul.

They are special people and HOPE Life is a special place.

Pamela Steele

The team at H.O.P. E. Life soon became like family....

I was suffering from an ongoing staph infection following breast cancer treatment. After numerous needle aspirations, continuous infections, and numerous antibiotics, my doctor recommended physical therapy. I didn’t realize how much my muscles had “given in” to the trauma of treatment.

The team at H.O.P. E. Life soon became like family as each one began to treat me and share helpful information that not only helped healed me, but provided inspiration and hope for my total recovery. It was a marvelous experience!

And now, I have life-long friends as well!!

The additional ongoing classes are very helpful too… whether it be nutrition, Qigong, yoga, or the special interest sessions. It wonderful to know there is a resource available to treat and continue to encourage you after the medical procedure is complete. I would recommend Dennis and his caring staff to anyone to add the final touches of inspiration and hope that provide courage as after these life-changing events in our lives!

Shannon Kaprive

Dennis and his team were very positive...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Post surgery I had limited range of motion and pain in both arms. I soon developed frozen shoulders. 
Dennis and his team worked on both shoulders two times a week for several months. I was able to get my range of motion back to where it was prior to surgery and regain my strength. My goal was to be swimming laps again. I am now swimming 3/4 mile three to four times a week. 
Dennis and his team were very positive during my rehabilitation, giving encouragement and hope in the most trying times.

Meg Meccariello

The quality of my life has improved tremendously!...

My left hand was severely swollen and my fingers resembled sausages. Although function was limited, the worst was that I could not wear my wedding rings. Today, my hand is normal size and I wear my wedding band daily. I have had cellulitis requiring hospitalization frequently over the years. With treatment from Dennis and his team, I have not had cellulitis for over a year. The quality of my life has improved tremendously! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!
Anita Brown

They are compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable...

I’ve been to HOPE twice. Once for potential arm lymphedema. With their help I was finally able to utilize my left arm without pain. The second time was for a major hamstring and multiple muscle tears in my right leg. They helped my muscles recover with less pain and almost complete recovery of motion.
The staff is amazing. They’re always open to questions, suggestions, and recommendations and always available for me. They are compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable in their fields.

Patty Zensinger

I appreciate how easy it is to get...

Dennis and his staff started at a very high level and they have continued to perform at that level.
I appreciate how easy it is to get patients evaluated quickly so that healing can begin.

David Dorsner

The staff here is amazing!...

The staff here is amazing! Through their treatment and guidance my Dad has made such positive changes in his lifestyle. Can’t thank them enough.

Janet King

Highly effective therapy in comfortable...

Highly effective therapy in comfortable efficient surroundings.​

Paul Jacobson

I’m impressed with the quality of care...​

I’m impressed with the quality of care as well as the quality of their staff.

Don Christiansen

Astonished by my progress

I have learned how to use my body to achieve pain free mobility. Dennis and his team focused on my core muscles to improve posture, balance, and physical activity. The HOPE team also helped me with an old knee injury. Climbing stairs used to intimidate me… The HOPE team treats the entire body, not just the injury.

Nancy Helm

... this is the best place to come.

My doctor sent me to H.O.P.E., which at first I was hesitant, but I am glad I came as I am making progress. They are very knowledgeable, helpful and nice. They treat you like one of their most important patients. I would (and already have) recommend them! If you are having similar problems, such as edema, this is the best place to come!

Lynda Rogers

I highly recommend Hope Life and Rehabilitation...

After a few sessions with Dennis, I can see that it is possible to make my physical life better. Now after a few weeks of following his instructions daily, I can see results. I highly recommend Hope Life and Rehabilitation to anyone. I am so appreciative of this new chance in my life.

Mary Scheaffer

Words cannot express how wonderful...

Words cannot express how wonderful the team at H.O.P.E. Life Lymphedema and Rehab is. From my first visit I felt welcomed and cared for. Each individual I worked with took the time to explain each exercise, the goals of the exercise, and the goals of the entire therapy. They would not allow me to complete my therapy until I felt confident to do it on my own. They take the time to get to know you. You are not just a patient / client there; YOU ARE A FRIEND. I recommend the H.O.P.E Life team to anyone and everyone. Thank you all for getting me back on my feet.

Emily Bryant